Palouse River Kennels


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Our indoor/outdoor runs are 20 feet long and 7 feet wide.  We have several spacious double runs (12 feet x 20 feet) to accommodate larger breeds and family groups.  Our runs are heated in the winter and cool in the summer, and are the largest in the area.  Dogs are exercised daily–either walked on the 30 acres that surround the kennel, or allowed to play in our 60 x 65 foot grass exercise yard.  Drop-off and pick-up are strictly by appointment only.  Please call 509.339.5344 to make a reservation.

• Dogs must be current on all vaccinations. We require rabies, the five-way and bordatella (in the last 6 months). No dog will be allowed in the kennel without proof of vaccination.

• Switching dog food is usually upsetting to a dog’s stomach, so you are required to bring your own food.

• Please feel free to bring bedding and play toys.  We have found that something that smells like home reduces a dog’s stress level.

• Current price schedule (as of June 1, 2017):

• One dog per run- $27 per day

• Two dogs per run- $42 per day

• Three dogs per run- $60 per day

• Administering medications- $1-5 per day per dog

• Additional time in play yard- $10/ 20 minutes

• 30 minute walk around property-$20 per walk, per dog

• We now offer dog washing either at the end of your dog’s stay or by appointment. The average bath is $30. The cost can either be less or more depending on your dog’s size, coat length, and the duration of his/her stay. All baths are by appointment only.

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Boarding Testimonials:


Five stars out of five, for the Palouse River Kennels. We’ve been taking our hounds Jack and Jesse (Labs, black and white) to Palouse for two years now and think very highly of it. John’s place is clean, well-ventilated, smart and neat. Never even the slightest problem in dozens of visits, and we leave our pooches with confidence that they’ll be treated well. (And they like it there too.) –John and Lucrezia


“Over the past 15 years I have used the services of various boarding facilities in the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley for boarding my dogs. My first and foremost concern is the condition/environment of the kennel where my dog will stay; secondly, the personnel handling and caring for the dog, and thirdly the cost.

Last year after searching the Internet for boarding facilities I came across Palouse River Kennels located in Palouse, Washington. After viewing the Web site, the thing that impressed me the most was that this facility was brand new, with photos of spacious, well-constructed, well-ventilated kennels situated in a brand new building. I asked some questions via e-mail, and made an appointment to visit the facility before I actually boarded my dog.

I met with owner/trainer John Sykes and got the grand tour, and some information about his qualifications, his dog-sense, and his general philosophy on boarding. I was very comfortable with John’s experience and his dedication to providing the best care possible for my dog, and his assurance that he is always just a phone call away if I want to check on my dog.

The availability and size of both indoor AND outdoor runs for the dogs was one of the big deciding factors for me. The facility is located in the countryside on a hill with plenty of fresh air, and scenery for my dog to enjoy while in the outdoor run. John considers kennel placement of each dog according to temperaments (will neighbors get along amiably or otherwise). Daily outdoor exercise, either in a group or individually, is provided. Feeding schedules are tailored to your dog, either once or twice a day. If special care such as daily medication is required John takes care of it. The facility is extraordinarily clean and is kept so on a daily basis. In fact, each time I visited whether it was on my initial “check out the facility tour”, to drop Molly off for boarding, or to pick her up, John was busy cleaning and sanitizing the kennels.

In reviewing the three primary concerns I have in evaluating a boarding facility, the first concern, condition/environment rated excellent at Palouse River Kennels; the second concern, personnel handling and caring for my dog also rated excellent. The final concern cost, was also excellent because I could see that the facility and the handler are top notch and well worth the reasonable, competitive cost.

When the need arises for boarding Molly again, Palouse River Kennels is my (and Molly’s) first and only choice.” – Teresa M. Tom

We have boarded our pet at Palouse River Kennels for the last 90 days due to our relocation and could not have picked a better place. John has treated our furry family member as if he was his own.  We visited as much as we could and always found the kennel to be clean and safe.. It felt good to know our pet was so well cared for… A Big Thank You John.  – Glen and Sharon Lewis, Pullman, WA

“My dogs, Boo and Jack, were long-term residents with Palouse River Kennels. John Sykes switched them over to Science Diet, cared for a small granuloma on Boo and cleared it up, and gave them back to me with happy dispositions and shiny coats. He was sad to see them go. You cannot ask for more from a kennel. I have made my reservations for Thanksgiving!” – Bruce Pemberton

“I have been very impressed with Palouse River Kennels.  The facility is very nice and the runs are large and kept very clean.  The owner, John Sykes, is very professional and has a genuine concern for the animals in his care.  He is always willing to accommodate my special requests and puts up with the numerous calls I make to “check-in” on my shelties.  My dogs are like my children, they are part of my family, and I want the very best for them.  When I travel, I need to know that they are well taken care of and are in safe keeping.  Palouse River Kennels has been an excellent place to board my dogs and I would highly recommend them to anyone.” – Marlene


251 Tidwell Rd.
Palouse, WA 99161
(509) 339-5344