Palouse River Kennels

Gun Dog Training

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We train both pointing dogs and retrievers.  We offer two options for gun dog training, in-kennel training programs and private field appointments.

With the in-kennel option your dog is initially evaluated for bird drive and ability, then a custom program is developed that meets the individual needs of each dog and owner. The dog is then housed at the kennel and trained for one month to perform as decided in the program.  At end of the month the dog is picked up and the owner is given three follow-up appointments to insure that the commands and learning all transfer.

During the private field appointments you and your dog receive one on one time with the trainer to work on your dog’s behavior at whatever stage he or she may be at in the training process.  You are given homework and advice on how to develop your dog into an extremely effective and enjoyable hunting partner.  Appointments are scheduled as needed until the dog is performing at an acceptable level.

Gun Dog Testimonials:

gun-dogJust writing to give you an update on Gracie’s hunting progress. This fall my friend and I hunted pheasants in eastern Montana and had a great experience. I couldn’t have been more pleased with how she worked and followed commands. She had good solid points on several rooster pheasants and really hit her stride as a polished bird hunter. I wanted to thank you again for laying the foundation of commands for Gracie and taking the time to transfer that information to me. Your experience and professionalism in training her is definitely paying off. I hope to have you train another in the future. — Scott Lindstrom, Moscow,ID

Just a short note to thank you for your help training Casey; I hunted quail earlier this week on the river and she made two retrieves on birds that she did not see go down. I particularly appreciate your training concept of positive reinforcement rather than punishment to achieve the desired result.  Happy hunting – Allen

I want to thank you for the time and attention you have devoted to turning Babe into a reliable upland bird retriever.  I’ve been impressed by your ability to advance her training at the right speed to keep her challenged and interested.  As a Golden Retriever/ Labrador Retriever mix she has good bird instincts and you’ve done a fine job in developing them further.  We’re both looking forward to more advanced upland training and then waterfowl work as well. –  Russ Taylor, Deary, Idaho


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